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Dr. Stern provides all types of family, general and cosmetic Dentistry services.

Preventive Services
  • Dental Cleaning & Digital X-rays
  • Gum Disease Screening
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Oral HPV Screening
  • Nutritional counseling (as it affects oral health)

Restorative Services
  • Tooth colored fillings and crowns and bridges
  • CAD (computer assisted design) tooth colored crowns, - onlays and inlays

Prosthetic Services
  • Dental Implants (placement and restoration)
  • CAD tooth colored fixed bridges
  • Dentures (full, partial and implant retained)

Cosmetic Services
  • Tooth brightening
  • Botox Cosmetic to improve facial esthetics
  • CAD porcelain veneers
  • Juvederm Facial filler to improve facial esthetics

Periodontal Treatment
  • Periodontal scaling (deep cleaning using anesthetic)
  • Minimally invasive laser surgery
  • Minimally invasive gum grafting using the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Orthodontic Services
  • Orthodontic cosmetic smile improvement using Invisalign
  • Retainers for adults and teens
  • Orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusions to promote - gum health and proper function

Oral Surgery
  • Extraction of unsaveable teeth (surgical & nonsurgical)
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus grafting
  • Narrow ridge augmentation

Other Services
  • Treatment of bruxism and myo-facial pain dysfunction
  • Hypnosis for smoking cessation and treatment of dental phobia